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We offer one-off personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Expertly handmade in Great Britain

All our photo jigsaw puzzles, whether it’s a 24, 54, 90, 500, 768 or 1000 piece are handcrafted in the U.K. This means that not only are we just a phone-call away if you have any questions, but we can offer fast, reliable service when you need us. Our puzzles are not mass-produced offshore. Our ethical company adheres to strict Environmental Standards as set out in ISO 14001.

How your JigBox is made in our U.K. production facility

Superior quality

Not all Jigsaw puzzles are
created equally

  • Once you’ve placed and order, our team of experts will begin by making sure your image is going to provide the best quality.
  • Firstly they’ll check the resolution and notifiy you of any issues. Once we’re certain we’re able to offer the best end-product we’ll begin printing the puzzles for you.
  • All puzzles are produced with the latest inkjet technology. We do not simply transfer your image on to a pre-made puzzle!
  • Our machine delivers the best quality image reproduction on the market. giving you a precise print that’s simply outstanding — vastly superior to dye-sublimated puzzles
  • Next, the puzzle is handed over to our resident expert finishing department.
  • This is the stage where your order becomes a physical puzzle!
  • Precision cut using a laser-engineered sculpted diecut template, you puzzle is now starting to take shape – literally!
  • We do not use precut puzzle sheets. Instead we have invested in the best die-cutting machinery. This means that your puzzle is expertly cut with superb accuaracy.


  • Now your puzzle order is well on its way to becoming the finished product, but it needs to be presented in a way that reflects the same quality finish as the puzzle itself.
  • What better way to present your puzzle than a completely customised printed box with your fantastic images on?
  • Using the same high-end inkjet printing technique we expertly reproduce your image on to a flat sheet.
  • The boxes then head off to our laser cutting machine. Here they are cut out individually before being expertly made up by hand.
  • Next it’s time to package your finished photo puzzle ready for dispatch.

    The JigBox puzzles arrive in a beautiful, custom printed and handmade box. Useful as a reference when building your puzzle, the box also allows for safe, tidy storage.

    Each box is tailored to the puzzle, so even if you choose to upload your own images for your subscription, you’ll get a custom box too.


    Here at JigBox, we’ve been making our own Photo Jigsaw Puzzles for several years now. In fact, over the lockdown periods, Jigsaw Puzzle demand quadrupled.

    We have invested in the latest equipment and developed our own unique way of manufacturing Jigsaw Puzzles.

    Our Puzzles are all made in the United Kingdom by hand, with a specialist team of puzzle-gurus overseeing the whole process.


    Our team have access to a huge library of images and only the very latest technology. This ensures that every puzzle we produce is of the highest quality finish.

    JigBox offer 24, 54, 90, 500, 768 and 1000 piece puzzles, with a choice to upload your own image or we can select the perfect image from your chosen theme preferences. It’s a really simple and cost-effective way to grow your puzzle collection.

All JigBox puzzles are 100% recyclable and plastic free.

All JigBox puzzles are 100% recyclable and plastic free.

This includes the packaging and the puzzle itself.

Puzzle Sizes

JigBox Puzzles come in a choice of sizes

ready-designed jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles in 24 to 1000 pieces, with themed images to suit all tastes and abilities…

We offer a vast range of pre-designed jigsaw puzzles, all made to order and shipped from the U.K. within a few days.


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