How To Make A Photo Puzzle

The kids are running riot, the coffee has run out and all seems lost! But don’t panic, we’ve got just the thing to help keep them occupied (and quiet!): Puzzles! And personalised puzzles at that. A custom jigsaw is a great gift for family members Ordering a photo puzzle from Jigbox couldn’t be easier.

From choosing the photo to piecing it back together, a personalised puzzle is a great way to keep those tiny hands busy and away from the TV remote. But don’t be puzzled, here’s our easy guide to help you create a fun custom-made jigsaw that they’ll love.

Take or Select an existing family photo:
As long as the photo is high quality you can take a brand new photo or select a photo you already have to make jigsaw puzzle out of it.

File types we accept:
If you’re ordering a jigsaw puzzle a JPEG or PNG should be fine. We can also accept TIF files or even Photoshop PSD – please note that these are much larger in file size so may take longer to upload and process, but it’s best to stick to high quality JPEG files.

Our website makes ordering easy. Simply select your desired jigsaw size, upload your photo and proceed through checkout. Your puzzle will be printed using the highest quality machinery onto premium materials then cut into super accurate pieces.

Creating a puzzle dos and don’ts
Do select the photo with your kids. They’ll love going through photos and deciding which one they want to turn into a puzzle, and they’ll have even more fun assembling it. And more fun means more free time for you!
Do choose a bright picture with lots of colours and details. This is not the time for a minimalist black and white photo!
Don’t pick a photo where a third or more of the photo consists of a single element, like the sky, the ocean, or a single coloured background for example, or you might end up with quite a hard jigsaw to make for a 5 year old.
Don’t select a photo with a very strong colour filter or you might end up with a lot of pieces looking relatively similar.